HairNa Home Kit Instructions


300grams of SyraSkins HairNa Paste

The Kit Contains  : 300g HairNa Paste
1pc Hair Cap
1 pair Gloves
1 Instruction Sheet
Keep Frozen when not in use & Use within 3months from date of purchase

Applying HairNa

1.  Dampen your hair and pat dry to remove excess water.
2.  Rub a small amount of oil to the ends of your hair.
3.  Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or lip balm around your hair line (forehead, ears and neck) to prevent the henna from dying the areas.
4.  Divide your hair into small sections. Use the gloves to avoid staining your hands.
5.  Place an old towel over your shoulders to avoid staining your clothes.
6.  Apply the HairNa starting from the roots making your way down the hair shaft. Ensure you have covered the all the sections.
7.  Massage the head so that so that HairNa will spread evenly.
8.  Gather all your hair and pin it up to the top of your head.
9.  Cover the hair with cling wrap to insulate the heat. This allows the HairNa even coverange.
10. Leave it on for 2-3 hours. The longer the henna, the deeper the colour, the more long lasting it will become.

Rinsing HairNa

1.  Rinse your hair in the shower with warm water.
2.  Run your fingers through your hair to get as much HairNa off.
3.  Shampoo and condition your hair as per normal. Repeat if required.
4.  Apply SyraSkins scalpcare and hair serum to maintain your beautiful hair.
5.  Comb your hair and air-dry it.

Will it colour my hair?

HairNa is natural and differs from individual to individual. No coloring is added to the powder. Texture of hair and length of time applied plays a part on how the colour turns out.

  • For black hair, it will leave a tint of brown.
  • For dark brown hair, it will leave a tint of maroon.
  • For auburn hair, it will leave a tint of brownish red.
  • For gray or white hair, it will leave a natural looking golden orange hue.

How often should I apply HairNa?

Apply HairNa once every 2 to 4 weeks, to make them healthy, glossy and voluminous. It helps bring back the lost health of your hair, repair damaged locks & nourishes hair follicle. HairNa restores the acid-alkaline balance of your hair. HairNa also penetrates the hair shaft, strengthens it, smoothens the cuticle, thickens the hair, making your hair more resistant to breakage.
* Individual results may vary