Aftercare Henna

 How-to Henna:

  • Ensure that skin is free from lotion and oil before you begin.
  • Remove the resealable pin tip and squeeze the henna with even pressure and speed.
  • Allow the henna paste to be fully absorb for 6 to 8 hours.
  • Scrap or Wipe the dried henna. NEVER WASH your henna off!
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  • Hold the henna sealant bottle 30cm away from skin and gently mist over dry henna paste before it begins to crack. This will keep it henna paste in place longer, improving the overall stain.
  • Apply SyraSkins Lemongrass aftercare oil immediately after removing your henna.
  • This promotes blood circulation and optimum absorption.
  • Apply SyraSkins Lavender aftercare balm before coming in contact with water.
  • This creates a protective barrier on the skin. Henna will mature and darken within 48 to 72 hours.
  • Avoid excessive contact with water, lotions and chemicals to prolong the stain.
  • Then, you can either choose to use the SyraSkins Henna Dressing Tape or SyraSkins Henna Wrap.
  • Cover cones with a foil and keep it in freezer at all times.
  • Fresh Henna Cones can last up to 6 months when kept appropriately in the freezer.

Store Fresh Henna Cones in the freezer at all times!