Corporate Workshops

 Henna is not just for the ladies, even men & children can experience henna art.

We will help get you familiar with 'Introduction To Henna', the technicality of 'Hands On Henna' and exploring what is Henna Beyond Skins which is the art of designing henna on accessories or materials!

Just like any other team-building or bonding session, a henna workshop can also help improve interpersonal relations and social interaction. In addition, a henna workshop helps to boost fun in a creative way, unleash creativity and get you to know this ancient form of art which dates back thousands of years ago.

Also, SyraSkins can customise the programme to suit your needs and still achieve your primary objective.

We partnered with Legardere Sports for the BNP Paribas WTA Final presented by SC Global & DBS Bank, for their DBS River Regatta at the Marina. It is 'Singapore's Biggest Bayfest' event. 

We also worked with Singapore Visitor Center, subsidiary of Singapore Tourism Board, for their Heritage event in conjunction with Deepavali festival which stretches over a period of 2 weeks with the objective to entice overseas visitors and local to their center with henna services & workshops.