What is HairNa? 

HairNa paste is a mixture of 7 Ayuverdic powders.
Essential oils of your choice is massaged gently into the scalp.
HairNa paste is then applied on the hair.
We then steam the hair to ensure optimal absorption.
Everything is finished off with wash and blow. (Approximately 2.5hours)

What is it used for?
To maintain strong and healthy hair.
Treating hair fall and dandruff. Covering grey/white hair.
Great for headaches and migraines.

Will it colour my hair?

HairNa is natural and differs from individual to individual.
No coloring is added to the powder.
Texture of hair plays a part on how the colour turns out.
For black hair, it will leave a tint of brown.
For dark brown hair, it will leave a tint of maroon.
For auburn hair, it will leave a tint of brownish red.
For gray or white hair, it will leave a natural looking golden orange hue.

Enjoy the wonderful benefits of HairNa at a warm and cozy ambience.


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HairNa, my Hair's best friend!

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Indigo is used for those who has a lot of white hair (more than 70%) and desires for a darker hair colour. 

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