All natural hair treatment for hair fall, hair loss, dry hair and many more!


We believe in the gift of mother nature; She has provided the best for us!

HairNa paste is a mixture of 9 Ayuverdic powders:

Henna, Amla, Aritha, Shikakai, Neem, Multani, Brahmi, Hibiscus & Bhringaraj 

It is a process whereby essential oils are massaged gently onto the scalp and Hairna paste is applied on the hair. Then, we steam the hair to ensure optimal absorption. Lastly, we finish it off with washing and blowing of the hair. Time taken will vary with hair length and thickness.


HairNa helps to maintain strong and healthy hair. Treats hair fall, dandruff, dry/damaged hair and covers grey/white hair. It also helps to treat headaches, migraines & insomia. 


HairNa is natural and differs from individual to individual. There is no colouring added into the mixture. Also, texture of hair and duration on how long it has been applied plays a part on how the colour turns out.

  • For black hair, it will leave a tint of brown.
  • For dark brown hair, it will leave a tint of maroon.
  • For auburn hair, it will leave a tint of brownish red.
  • For grey/white hair, it will leave a natural looking golden orange hue.

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HairNa, my Hair's best friend!