White Henna

What is White Henna?
White Henna is not actually henna as there are no henna ingredients. However, the method of applying it and the designs are just like henna thus, having the name "WHITE HENNA".
Price stated below is for top of both hands which includes glitters and crystals. 
$140 - Wrist
$160 - Above Wrist
$180 - Forearm
$200 - Elbow

      *Additional $100 for both feet up to the ankle.

      - It is best applied within 24 hours of your event.


      970 Geylang Road, Tristar Complex
      Unit #01-08, Singapore 423492
      (Opposite Joo Chiat Complex) 


      Additional $70 Booking Fee for House Call
      If the event ends at 11pm or later, an additional $40 transportation fee is required.
      Kindly secure your date/time early as availability is based on first come first served basis. A deposit of S$70 is required to secure the booking. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of the reservation date/s without notification. ​All Payments made are non-refundable.

      Upon successful payment, you agree to abide by our Payment Terms & Conditions. 

      What is it made of?

      SyraSkins White Henna is formulated with cosmetic grade, Latex Free, Body Art adhesive and MICA Pigments prepared in Singapore. They are Long Lasting, Waterproof and Versatile.

      Does it stain the skin?

      No, White Henna is not a bleaching agent. It is cosmetic grade and safe for the skin.


      How long does it last?

      1-3 Days


      Does it invalidate my prayers?

      Yes, it's just like your waterproof makeup. When taking ablution, it creates barrier against skin.


      Can I remove it?

      Yes, it can removed with makeup remover or baby oil.