• HairNa Home Kit Instructions

    by Syra Skins
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  • AfterCare

    by Syra Skins
  • Aftercare BodyArt

    by Syra Skins
    How-to BodyArt Shake well before use. ensure suspension is mixed thoroughly.Cut a very small tip as white henna is very runny. Prior to applicatio...
  • Aftercare Jagua

    by Syra Skins
     How-to Jagua: Jagua is a natural product made from the juice of an amazonian fruit. You are ADVISED to do a patch test before applying a full si...
  • Aftercare Henna

    by Syra Skins
     How-to Henna: Ensure that skin is free from lotion and oil before you begin. Remove the resealable pin tip and squeeze the henna with even pr...

    by Syra Skins
  • 2019 Workshops

    by Ain Adam
    Basic Floral Henna Workshop  Indian Party Henna Workshop