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Pre-Rolled Cones - 20's - SyraSkins
Pre-Rolled Cones - 20's - SyraSkins

Pre-Rolled Cones - 20's

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Pre-Rolled Cones with Pin Tips

Transparent cellophane sheets
5 inch x 6.5 inch (12.7cm x 16.5cm)
Approx. 20 cones 

- Suitable for making up to 10-15 grams of henna cones.
- Firm enough to withstand tearing and bursting.
- Handy and convenient.
- Best for fine details.
- Perfect for intricate designs.

SyraSkins Henna Cone Pins 0.5mm

- Best used to achieve standard fine open tip henna cones; creating intricate henna designs
- Henna cones are now re-sealable after use; to avoid spillage and wastage 
- High Quality Pins are made of Stainless steel; Durable and Rust Resistant
- Uniformed Easy-Grip Silver Round heads; Professional and Classy
- Resilient Smooth Slender Shaft; easy to insert and remove from henna cone tip

**Design may vary from shown