Courses Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
The offer of SyraSkins Henna Academy course to applicants is subject to them being physically, medically and mentally fit to pursue the course. This is to ensure that all students can benefit from SyraSkins Henna Academy training in a safe and conducive environment.!
Refunds / Course Fee :
Course Fees are strictly non-refundable. Student cancelling a course will result in no refund of any sum.
Student Cancellation
Non-attendance or late arrival will result in no refund of any sum.
In the event that a student is unable to attend the course they are registered on, the student is able to transfer only ONCE to a future course, (subject to availability) provided we are given 1 month written notice prior to the course commence date.
SyraSkins Henna Academy will provide full equipment, materials, and apparatus to teach student which we feel is appropriate to your course construction.
In the unlikely event of a course schedule being cancelled, we will either,
Transfer you on to another available course or Refund any paid sum for course.
Removal of student
SyraSkins Henna Academy has full discretion within reason to remove a student before or during a course. We also hold the right to remove a certificate of attendance after course commencement.