Pure Jagua Fruit Juice Ink Extract - 30ml - SyraSkins Pte. Ltd.
Pure Jagua Fruit Juice Ink Extract - 30ml - SyraSkins Pte. Ltd.

Pure Jagua Fruit Juice Ink Extract - 30ml

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What is Jagua
Jagua is made from the juice of the Genipa Americana fruit tree. The fruit tree grows in South America and has been used by South American native groups for thousands of years to naturally decorate the body and to prevent bug and mosquito bites.

The fruit is picked while it is green (unripe), peeled and pressed for the juice. This juice is mixed into a paste and applied to the body in bold patterns then left on for 2 hours. Once the juice/paint is removed there is a faint light grey mark. Over the next 24 hours the stain reacts with the amino acids and protein of the skin and darkens to a rich deep blue. The stains last 7-10 days or so and fade as your skin naturallly exfoliates.

Check out this link for lots of interesting Genipa American information

Storing the Jagua - FREEZER

  • Store your Fresh JAGUA in the Freezer
  • Defrost at room temperature for 15-30 minutes

Is JAGUA safe?

The Jagua fruit juice has been safely used by Native Amazon tribes for thousands of years but it's very new for the world market. It is part beauty treatment, part medicine, part food.

Allergies are always a possiblity with any item. If you are allergic to pineapple, strawberries or other tropical fruits, we'd suggest avoiding Jagua. The juice is made from unripe fruit and those plant enzymes can be strong. Patch tests are recommended for sensitive individuals. Consult your physician if you have concerns.

Avoid exposing the freshly stained Jagua Body art to heat for the first 48 hours, heat can trigger a reaction in some individuals.

Jagua is a natural product made from the juice of an amazonian fruit and it is possible to get a reaction to any foreign substance applied on the skin. You are advised to do a patch test before applying a full sized design. If a reaction occurs, it is essential to consult your health care professional.  SyraSkins is not responsible for any complications arising from the use of this product.