The course was very detailed and the 1-on-1 coaching helped me alot on how to improve my mixture and drawing. At first, I had no idea about essential oils and I didn't even know it can be that dangerous. Overall, I know this course helped me to kick-start my henna journey and I will totally recommend to everyone. Thank you! It means alot to me!
Firstly thank you so much for starting this course which is perfect for newbies like myself.
It has helped me alot, to experience henna firsthand and to appreciate the craft.
It was a fun day.
Thank you teachers!
Finally the day that I was waiting for! It was worth the money to invest in this course. Even-though it was a basic course, we learned alot. Thank you so much for the guidance and tips given to us. Learning how to create the paste wasn't easy but we now have a better idea how it is done.
Thank you once again! May your business prosper and all the best to you!
Alhamdulillah, it has been a beneficial course. I'm really looking forward to learning more designs.
Thank you SyraSkins for organising this course. I really loved it!
Hope to see you again in the future, insyaaAllah.
A sweet and humble lady. Always teaching me something new. Inspires me to fall in love with henna. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, skills and answering every single questions we had.
This marked my third course with you since 2011. InsyaAllah will attend the fourth.
I've joined both the advance and basic henna course and am grateful to have learnt from you. Although I can draw very well, I was still new to henna and had low confidence in it.
After joining the advance course, I gained the experience and confidence in creating my own henna.
Plus, the basic course also taught me to create my own henna paste and scent.
So thank you so much for the opportunity and guiding me throughout.