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After Care Process

What do I need to use for my After Care?


Using the SyraSkins Lemongrass AfterCare Oil:

♡ Brings out the beauty of your henna stains
♡ Enhances the henna stains after oxidation
♡ Promotes blood circulation
♡ Increases body temperature & opens the pores
♡ Tones the muscles & skin
♡ Helps remove cellulite 
♡ Is an effective stress reliever
♡ Contains antiseptic properties


Using the SyraSkins Lavender AfterCare Balm

♡ Stains last longer 
♡ Creates a protective barrier
♡ Repels water, protecting henna stain
♡ Moisturises the skin
♡ Treats nervous tension and emotional stress
♡ Improves blood circulation

Using the SyraSkins Henna Sealant


♡ Keeps henna paste in place longer
♡ Improves the overall stain


Using the SyraSkins Henna Dressing Tape:

♡ Conformable, Self Adhesive
♡ Accommodates movement without loosening
♡ Allows skin to breathe through porous material
♡ Cooling and Lightweight


Using the SyraSkins Henna Wrap:

♡ Conformable & Self Adhesive
♡ Accommodates movement without loosening
♡ Cooling & Lightweight
♡ Allows skin to breathe through porous material
♡ Won’t stick to hair

What are the steps for my After Care?

1. Allow the henna to be completely dry.

2. Apply SyraSkins Henna Sealant, holding the bottle 30cm away and gently mist over dried henna before it begins to crack. 

3. Then, you can either choose to use the SyraSkins Henna Dressing Tape or SyraSkins Henna Wrap.

4. Allow the henna to be fully absorbed from 6 to 8 hours.

5. Scrape or wipe the dried henna, avoid using water to get it off. 

6. Apply SyraSkins Lemongrass Aftercare Oil after scraping/wiping.

7. Apply SyraSkins Lavender Aftercare Balm to create a protective barrier, sustaining the henna stain. 

8. Henna will then darken within 48 to 72 hours.

9. Avoid excessive contact with water, lotions and chemicals to prolong the stain.

10. Henna will last between 7-14 days which varies on individuals.


People whose skin who are warm to the touch tend to get very dark or brownish stains & people whose skin who are cool to the touch tend to get reddish stains instead!